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The next-generation ankle-foot orthosis!


Adaptive support for patients with neurological gait.

On Demand2Asset 38_4x.png

On-demand stiffness

Flex2Asset 39_4x.png


Modular3Asset 40_4x.png

Modular sizing



Tuned To Your Needs

Assistance & motion adjustments

for on-demand tuning to match your mobility status and changing needs

Functional Freedom

Adaptive and adjustable, allowing task-specific transitions from flat ground, to sloped surfaces, to stairs, or even getting up from the ground

Test Image.png

Precision Fit

Our quick connect, modular system allows for a custom fit, for better function and comfort

Precision Fit.png

The SPARK AFO. A next-generation ankle-foot orthosis that adjusts to you and your needs. 

Coming soon...

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