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We have partners IN RESEARCH around the world that are testing and validating the Biomotum SPARK device through clinical studies for usability and effectiveness. 


We have partners IN REHABILITATION that are using the Biomotum SPARK device to engage with patients during physical therapy treatment and accelerate walking function.

We have partners IN INDUSTRY that are supporting our work by amplifying our published work, connecting us with collaborators, and funding our product development pipeline. 


Our powered ankle exoskeleton, the Biomotum SPARK, is currently being used in clinical trials and research studies to further validate what we know about walking efficiency in people with impaired mobility. 

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Are you a patient or caregiver?

Find a clinical trial near you!


The Biomotum SPARK is patient-ready. We're currently recruiting rehab professionals who are ready to use our novel mobility technology in their clinic or center to treat patients. Get ready to join a cohort of innovative pilot sites as we go to market!

Are you a physical therapist or rehab professional interested in learning more about the SPARK device?

We're grateful to our past, present, and future industry partners and supporters who believe in what we're building and want to be a part of our journey. 

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Are you an investor or potential industry partner? We'd love to hear from you.

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