The Biomotum SPARK

SPARK_Full System.png


Comfortable & easy to adapt to each user, built from ultra-lightweight carbon fiber components, the ankle actuator delivers finely-tuned plantarflexor and dorsiflexor torque to the body while adding minimal mass to the lower-limb.


The ankle assembly is instrumented with torque and angle sensing for control and monitoring.

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Power Pack_Fin.png


The waist pack is home to the brains, battery and motors of the exoskeleton. A single rechargeable, interchangeable lithium-ion battery powers high-performance brushless DC motors that drive ankle actuation.


Onboard BLE coordinates all control and communication with the Biomotum app.


Our dedicated Biomotum app is your complete tool to control the device, set up user profiles, monitor and encourage user engagement, and track all usage. Access trial and session data from anywhere through secure cloud storage.

Available for smart phones and tablets (iOS and Android).

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The Biomotum Spark is a Powered Exoskeleton intended for use in rehabilitation and for personal/everyday use by individuals with

various gait impairments caused by neurological or orthopedic conditions. It is not intended for use with non-ambulatory individuals

or those with excessive muscular weakness or tone. Side effects include minor risk of skin abrasion. 

*The device is currently undergoing clinical trials and is not yet cleared by the FDA.


Our products are rigorously tested and validated through clinical studies for usability and effectiveness. See the evidence supporting robotic assisted walking.