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To optimize human mobility by providing intelligent and intuitive wearable systems,

to a wide range of users in the medical markets.


We empower individuals to live healthy

and productive lives through the use

of our products.


Our team of engineers are on a mission to redefine mobility by providing innovative wearable solutions to physical therapists, orthotic and prosthetic professionals, and individuals experiencing walking impairment and disability.

The combination of high tech materials with a functional approach to solving everyday mobility problems, creates intuitive mobility systems which are highly effective(2) and accessible to the end user.

a photo of a young man working on the Biomotum SPARK device in a lab setting
a photo of two men discussing a demonstration of the Biomotum SPARK device


At the center of our creative process is the motivation to have real world impact. We design products and experiments that can transition our of the lab and into the clinic and home environments.


Our team's ability to rapidly incorporate customer insights and user needs into our designs allows us to deliver innovative products to market. 

Our process of continuous improvement and customer discovery allows us to rapidly iterate and refine our systems for maximal impact and improved products.

a photo of a oyung man in running motion wearing the biomotum SPARK device
a closeup of a woman's legs wearing the Biomotum SPARK device on both legs

Meet the Team!

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