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a 3D render of our powered ankle exoskeleton


The Biomotum SPARK is transforming mobility rehabilitation, helping those with walking impairments live without limits. 

Our on-demand robotic system is remarkably effective at assisting and restoring walking function when compared to conventional approaches.

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Explore the Biomotum SPARK and the different ways to access our robotic gait training system

a woman standing on a treadmill indoors wearing the Biomotum SPARK device


Are you studying human ambulation?Introducing a versatile research exoskeleton for use in clinical trials and investigational research. Our robotic ankle assist device delivers precise, quantifiable assistance and resistance in a lightweight, go-anywhere system.


Provide higher quality care to your patients. The Biomotum SPARK delivers precise and effective rehabilitation to individuals with cerebral palsy, stroke, and other neurological conditions. Increase gait quality, treatment dose and therapeutic impact through robotic gait training.

a boy wearing the Biomotum SPARK device with a woman helping him fasten a strap.
a young boy walking down a hallway indoors wearing the Biomotum SPARK on both legs.


Millions of people struggle with the daily mobility tasks of standing and walking. The result is diminished activity and declining health. By providing on-demand assistance during everyday use we help individuals live healthy and engaged lives.

CAUTION - Investigational device.

Limited by United States law to investigational use.


This product is not yet cleared by the FDA.


The Biomotum Spark is a Powered Exoskeleton intended for use in rehabilitation and for personal/everyday use by individuals with gait impairments caused by neurological or orthopedic conditions. It is not intended for use with non-ambulatory individuals or those with excessive muscular weakness or tone. 

a closeup photo of a woman's legs wearing the Biomotum SPARK device.

Learn more about what we do!

BIOMOTUM is a group of innovators and entrepreneurs developing a portfolio of products aimed at improving walking function.

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