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Transforming the treatment of movement disorders with intelligent, wearable robots.

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We envision a world where children and adults with movement challenges lead healthy, productive and socially satisfying lives.

50 Million

50 million people in the US have a physical disability that limits their mobility, negatively impacting their health. Many of these individuals are unable to walk unassisted or go up and down stairs.

At BiOMOTUM, we are focused on improving mobility outcomes in children and adults with movement disorders.
Our wearable rehabilitation robots provide on-demand mobility enhancement – transforming rehabilitation and improving health.

The Current Solution

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) is essential for treating movement disorders and there is a strong dose-response relationship between the amount of therapy and improvements in mobility.

Insufficient Dose

Unfortunately, most individuals do not receive enough PT and the delivery of PT can be inefficient, limiting the dose and positive changes in mobility.

There is currently no viable way to provide a sufficient dose of active gait training that will lead to long-term improvements in mobility.

Our Solution

A lightweight, wearable, powered device for on-demand gait training

Increased therapy dose

better mobility

Greater independence

positive self-esteem


engaging & informative

Introducing our Robotic Ankle Assist Device

The RA2D

Get Assistance. Get Better.

Assist & Go

Ultra light powered assistance
Works everywhere


Targeted neuro rehab
Get stronger

Why RA2D?

Low Cost

Innovative, elegant design
Common motors/drives

Go Anywhere

Robust controls
Variable terrain and stairs


Mobility data
User community

Ground Breaking Results

Taken at the beginning and end of a 3x/week for 4-weeks intervention, these videos show the benefit of using the RA2D in Resist-to-Restore mode. Note the increase in self-selected walking speed and improved posture. The child is not using the RA2D in these videos.

0 %
Faster walking speeds

Able to keep up

0 %
Better walking efficiency

Makes walking easier

1 %
Better Muscle Control

Improved function

Innovative Technology

0 lb
Total Weight

Lightest device available

$ 1 k
Federal Funding

Non-dilutive capital



Utility Patents Pending

User Testomonials

I feel like superman!
Superman Kid
12 yr old
with cerebral palsy
This is life-changing for our family.
Team & family
Mom of child
with cerebral palsy
I can already tell this would help me walk and stay active!
85 yr old
with parkinson's disease

About Us


Co-founders Zach Lerner and Ray Browning met in 2011 at Colorado State University. Since that time, Zach and Ray have been focused on understanding and optimizing pediatric mobility. As former elite athletes, they both have a passion for movement and the vision that all individuals have physical experiences that allow them to see and achieve their potential. Over the last several years, Zach has created robotic assistive devices that offer a lightweight, portable and effective way to improve mobility in children with Cerebral Palsy. These devices are the foundation for BiOMOTUM.


Our mission is to improve mobility and rehabilitation outcomes in individuals with movement disorders. We aim to accomplish this mission by leveraging a user-centered design approach, gathering insight from affected individuals and clinicians, to create, produce and distribute intelligent, holistic and engaging wearable systems. Our patent-pending technology is built on a foundation of rigorous clinical research. Our systems are designed to improve neuromuscular function and quality of life across the lifespan. We have a functional device that has proven mobility benefits.


At BiOMOTUM, we believe that robotic assistive devices are a key partner in neuromuscular rehabilitation. These devices will allow mobility assistance and therapy to be delivered anywhere, anytime. This, in turn, should accelerate the neural plasticity that facilitates lasting improvements in function and mobility. Our robotic ankle assist device is just the first step toward our vision of a world where children and adults with movement disorders lead healthy, productive and socially satisfying lives.

Leadership Team

CEO & Co-Founder

Ray Browning, PhD

30+ yrs academic and industry R&D, startups, mobility expert

Zack Lerner
CTO & Co-Founder

Zach Lerner, PhD

Inventor of device, Univ. faculty, assistive device expert

VP of Market development

Phil Astrachan

Wearable exoskeleton industry veteran, business development expert


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