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Biomotum Launches New Website and Brand Identity to Support Robotic Exoskeleton Commercialization and Research Partnerships

Posted by Biomotum, Inc. Sept. 8th, 2021

Biomotum, a leading developer of robotic exoskeletons, has launched its new brand identity and corresponding web presence, to further its focus on providing life-changing rehabilitation and mobility devices to researchers, physical therapists, and patients with walking impairments.


Biomotum’s SPARK Robotic Exoskeleton is an untethered, overground mobility system that applies assistive and resistive forces at the ankle to help rehabilitate and restore mobility to individuals affected by conditions like cerebral palsy and stroke.


The SPARK Research System is now available to clinical and biomechanical investigators as a research tool to carry out clinical trials. “We’re excited to provide our untethered, go-anywhere system to researchers conducting basic human mobility studies as well as those exploring more translational clinical questions,” said Dr. Zach Lerner, the CTO and Co-Founder of Biomotum. “The lightweight, ease of use, and broad utility of the SPARK make it a great tool for a wide range of applications when studying human mobility," said Dr. Lerner.


Biomotum is currently working with some of the leading research labs in the country to produce clinically relevant outcomes. “We continue to seek partners who can help fulfill our mission of optimizing human mobility by providing intelligent and intuitive wearable systems to individuals with CP, stroke, and other conditions that impair neuromotor performance and mobility," said CEO, Ray Browning. 


“As we take further steps toward becoming commercially available, we’re excited to launch our new brand identity and online presence, better representing the customers we serve," said Browning. 

ABOUT Biomotum, Inc.

Biomotum is a leading developer of robotic exoskeletons and is redefining the way individuals regain and optimize mobility function. The company applies advanced robotics to enhance the rehabilitation, recovery, and personal mobility function of individuals living with impaired gait. The company believes that walking is the Sixth Vital Sign, and that clinically significant outcomes can be achieved through restoring, preserving, and optimizing mobility function.


The Biomotum SPARK is currently an experimental device only being used in research settings and is not yet cleared by the FDA. 

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Ray Browning

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