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The chart below should be used to estimate the appropriate size footplate based on US and EU shoe size. Use this as a starting point. 

a guide of the biomotum footplate

Confirm the correct size by having the patient stand on the footplate. The end of the footplate should extend just beyond the heads of the metatarsals, and should not contact any of the toes.

After removing the in-sole/sock liner from the shoe, insert the footplate to confirm that there is appropriate space in the toe box area. The footplate is designed to be used without the shoe in-sole. But, depending on the volume of the shoe you may choose to use the in-sole/sock liner on top of the footplate.

Shoe fit: Use a shoe size similar to the user’s normal shoe size. Typically, one size up is a good fit. Avoid using oversized shoes as the foot and footplate will move within the shoe which will affect the quality of exoskeleton assistance. Always tighten the shoelaces as much as possible.

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