Hello UCP Oregon families! 


I’m Ray, the CEO of BiOMOTUM. We are developing lightweight, powered wearable robots to help individuals with CP. Our product is called a robotic ankle assist device (RAAD). Our results so far have been very positive, as you can see from the video below.


We are looking for a few families to try the RAAD and give us feedback. If you live in or near Portland, meet the criteria listed below and are interested, please let me know via email (ray@biomotum.com) or phone (971-330-6800).


Participation criteria: CP diagnosis, GMFCS level I-III, 12-35 years old, >10 degrees of ankle plantarflexion, able to walk for ~6 minutes, with or w/o assistance, no other health conditions that could affect their safety. 

This child participated in a 4 week intervention using the RAAD 3x/week (12 visits total). The video shows the child walking without our device before and after the training.