Robotic Ankle Assist Device

If you are a researcher who studies mobility, movement disorders and their underlying neurologic function, our robotic ankle assist device (RA2D) provides efficient, on-demand joint torque. The RAAD is an untethered, go-anywhere system that can be customized for a wide variety of research questions.

Clinical Validation

30% faster walking speed

19% improvement in walking economy

50% better muscle coordination


Easy to program/use

<3 min to put on and go

Portable: use in/out of the lab

hr run time

Validated for varied terrain

Mobility data streamed to MATLAB


1.Sizes: Child (<40 kg), Sm. Adult (40-70 kg), Lg. Adult (70-100 kg)
2.Product weight (Small Adult): 1.7 kg (1.0 kg waist, 0.35 kg ea. leg)
3.Torque range: 0-30 Nm
4.Interface: MATLAB & iOS app
5.Open API for new controller design, biofeedback integration, etc.
6.Price: Dependent on configuration and service plan. Contact us for quote.


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