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The Biomotum SPARK uses lithium ion batteries which are rechargeable and designed to last up to 40 minutes on a full charge. Please follow the below charging and use recommendations to optimize performance and safety of the system.

  • Battery levels can be checked from the iOS app

  • The battery may be charged while in the device or when removed from the system

  • If charging while connected to the system, be sure that the device is turned off

  • When plugged into the charger, a red light indicates that the battery is charging, and green light indicates that the battery is fully charged

  • Always use a fully charged battery at the beginning of every session

  • Avoid discharging the battery completely, as this could damage the battery

    • Batteries which are completely discharged may stop taking a charge and need to be replaced

  • Be sure unit is turned off when not in use

  • Turn the unit off if the user takes a break longer than 5 min.

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